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2018 Petty’s Garage Warrior Mustang

The King of the Road

In partnership with Petty’s Garage, Lakenheath Military AutoSource (MAS) is proud to reveal the 2018 Petty’s Garage Warrior Mustang. This amazing, limited edition Mustang is available exclusively through Military AutoSource designed in tribute to the U.S. Military. The Petty’s Garage Warrior Mustang delivers all the adrenaline-pumping excitement you would expect from these two performance icons: Richard Petty and the Ford Mustang. This well-equipped Mustang is enhanced with a Edelbrock Supercharger producing 675 horsepower and 540lb.-ft of torque. Combined with custom Petty’s Garage components and Warrior design cues, this Mustang is a must have for all performance enthusiasts.
Designed and built for the U.S. armed forces every Petty’s Garage Warrior is thoughtfully designed to inspire and impress. The team focuses on every detail to ensure each vehicle has the look, feel and performance customers expect from the petty name. Together the team is focused on creating truly unique and memorable driving and ownership experiences for the most deserving customers. 

Equipment and Package Details
This second edition of the Petty’s Garage Warrior Mustang is built on the GT with the 300A equipment package and is available in both a manual or automatic transmission. Offered in two distinct color and striping options of Oxford White or Shadow Black. 

Level 1

Choose from the 300A or 301A equipment package, plus these Warrior features:

  • 675 hp, 540 lb.-ft. of torque
  • TVS 2650 Edelbrock Supercharger
  • Petty's Garage/Magnaflow Exhaust
  • Level 5 Axle Upgrade
  • Richard Petty autographed dash plaque
  • Warrior Fender Badge

Level 2

Includes the 300A equpiment package, plus these Warrior features:

  • 675 hp, 540 lb.-ft. of torque
  • TVS 2650 Edelbrock Supercharger
  • Petty’s Garage/Magnaflow Exhaust
  • Level 5 Axle Upgrade
  • 20” Niche Wheels
  • Petty’s Garage Spoiler
  • Ford Racing Lowering Springs
  • Petty’s Garage Upper and Lower Mesh Grill
  • Warrior “Over-the-Top” Racing Stripes
  • Petty’s Garage Grill Badge
  • Petty’s Garage Front Windshield Banner
  • Warrior Fender Badge
  • Warrior Rear Badge
  • Petty’s Garage Window Etching
  • Warrior Embroidered Front Floor Mats
  • Warrior Custom Leather Interior
  • Richard Petty autographed dash plaque
  • Shift Ball in Petty Blue (Manual only)

For more information on this amazing vehicle, contact Chris Law at the RAF Lakenheath Commissary MAS office, you can reach me by phone on: 01638-533120 or 07896-002233.

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